Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Kicks

From top left: 
Loeffler Randall Skye Gladiator Sandals
Alexander Wang Jade Flat Sandals
Zara Braided Platform Sandals
Jenni Kayne Lattice d'Orsay Flats
Loeffler Randall Rain Boots
Mm6 Perforated Leather high-top Trainers
ASOS x Antipodium Cork Loafers

I have my eye on simple clean styles this season. I'm also toying with the notion of giving up heels and only wearing flats or platforms. Heels just aren't practical for me. I'm almost 6 feet tall, I live in NYC and I take public transportation everywhere and I'm super clumsy... it's just too dangerous. The Sex and City lifestyle is a false representation of a New Yorker and I'm here to bring that fake ass myth to an end. New York women don't go running around in no damn 6 inch Manolo Blahnik!! There, I said it! You could break your neck running around these uneven streets. I'm sorry, I digress... 

What do you think? Are heels practical for going up and down the subway stairs and dodging pot holes? 
What styles are you most looking forward to come spring? 


Candace Belle said...

Being from queens heels was always an option but after transferring to manhattan for my job I now see heels as regrettable a shock with a thought of "girl where are you going?!" I can't say I entirely give up on heels in the city as I'm still of strong mind that there is a comfortable heel to wear on cobble stones lol! But yes flats are my main for traveling. I've lusted for those Loeffler Randall for quite sometime wondering if I should invest in rain boots. They are just too cute. Do you think I should just take the jump??

Candace Belle

Vanessa G said...

LoL! I love this post! You couldn't have debunked the "Sex and the City" myth any better! Its just simply not the reality of NYC girl to run around in 4 inch heels (unless of course they are boots with a chunky heel). When commuting to work or even on a night out with friends, heels are always in my bag as the streets and subway are just not meant for them! This spring I'll be looking forward to wearing my black ankle boots which have tons of versatility and I can also pair with many outfits.


Élodie Laetitia said...

I'm super sad that the Loeffler Randall leopard ones are sold out! They're right up my alley. As for the Alexander Wang Jade ones, I have them and they're a very nice mix of stylish and comfy. Love them!

Élodie Laetitia

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