Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pink Panther

Adidas x Opening Ceremony
The Row Large Round Sunglasses
Vintage Bag
East Riverfront

dress: H&M | sneakers: Adidas x Opening Ceremony | sunnies: The Row | bag: vintage

These pictures were taken a few weeks ago at the Brooklyn Flea. It was still so HOT but what better way to enjoy a hot summer day then to vintage shop at the East River waterfront. I found some amazing brass bangles (that I'm actually still thinking) and a huge variety of denim shorts. It seems like denim cutoffs have reached there expiration date for this season but damn.. Anyway, happy belated Labor Day and Happy Birthday to me! xo 


katie said...

love the dress and those sunglasses are just piece of art!! great style!!

Tiffany said...

Thank you!

Aaron M. Williams said...

Thank your mother & father 4Me.U are like looking tthrew the windows of God heart when he decided to give earth beauit...Ever beautiful.......4LiFe &beyond.

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