Monday, August 13, 2012

Miss Fame

Miss Fame Half Drag
Half Drag by Leland Bobbe 
"Miss Fame" hair and makeup by Kurtis Dam- Mikkelsen aka Miss Fame

Kurtis Dam- Mikkelsen who is an amazing artist, model and makeup artist will be doing a live segment with HuffPost this afternoon Monday August 13th at 12:40pm based off the "Half Drag" series he was featured in. Drool over all of the Queens here and follow Miss Fame and all her amazingness on her Miss Fame's Facebook Fan Page. Kurtis is an amazing talent who's positivity, spirit and skill always leaves me in awe. Tune in LIVE HERE. 



Anonymous said...

miss fame is the most positive and inspiring drag queen i have ever seen aside from being beautiful, he is also handsome!! forever his fan

joecr said...

So fierce. This girl is on fire!!

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