Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sky High

shirt: Gap | pants: J. Crew (similar pair here and here) | jacket: Patagonia | shoes: Chloe Sevigny
bag: Alexander Wang | sunnies: The Row

I stand 180 cm tall (about 5'11) and almost always gravitate toward 5+ inch heels (usually platforms). 
Not the best choice for a New York City life but damn they look so good! I definitely embrace my stature and couldn't imagine being any other height so I make sure to enjoy what I love even if that means towering over most people while receiving tons of stares and whispers. Btw, these Chloe Sevigny Mary Ellen platforms are just magical. Um, it's cold. I was fooled by the shining sun that I underestimated the windchill. Luckily, the ultralight down jacket from Patagonia was sufficient on this lovely spring day. I really like this jacket for it's simplicity and super light weight but it also does wonders as a mid-layer piece during the winter months. I wore it with a pair of J. Crew skinny cargo pants, gap fitted oxford and Chloe Sevigny platform boots. Such a simple look with a slight chic-ness for good measure.

p.s. I have my eye on these Chloe Sevigny platform sneakers from Opening Ceremony. They would be so cute with a pair of cutoffs or a cute mini dress.



Berty Morales said...

Wow, the are fabulous and so are you! Love the boots and the rest of the outfit.

Tiffany said...

Thx Berty!!

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