Monday, April 23, 2012

Great Buddha at Kamakura

So during my last days in Japan I had the chance to visit a friend in Kamakura. Located off the coast of the Pacific Ocean, Kamakura is about two hours south of Tokyo by train and is the cutest little city that seemed to be able to hold onto its traditions and history. I LOVED Japan but Kamakura is totally different than Tokyo, which is a huge metropolitan so dense of skyscrapers, people and traffic. And unable to escape the newly installed comforts of the west: fast food, big box stores, luxury cars, mega malls etc...

Kamakura is most popular for its giant Buddha statute 

my friend Takahiro...

Tsurugaoka Hachiman gū Shrine
Ema wishing board

jeans: 7 For All Mankind (seen here) | wrapper: Daryl K (similar one here) | shoes: F-Troupe |  bag: thrift
sunnies:Ray-Bans | scarf: gifted

Spring weather is filled with uncertainty and this day was no different. I never really knew what to wear when going out on all day trips. The greatest thing about this Daryl K wrapper is that it can be wore multiple ways. And when the sun came out I wore the wrapper as a jacket with the front open. Because the rain is unpredictable too I never left the house without my trusty ol' rain hat! (seen in this post)
Overall, this visit to Kamakura is one I will always remember. 

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