Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring, Coming Soon..

crop tee: American Apparel | shorts: What Goes Around Come Around | blazer: Madewell
sneakers: Isabel Marant | sunnies: Ray-Ban

Escaping the hustle of the city for quiet and serenity sometimes is the best part of living in the city. 
It's definitely the best of both worlds. On this gorgeous day tiny shorts, a cropped tee and light blazer was all that was necessary. My favorite shorts by far were discovered at a vintage shop in SOHO out of what felt like a thousand others. I honestly never want to take them off. High waisted, distressed and so so comfy, these are a true gem! The nicest part about buying denim shorts is that they can be altered to your preference.. these were a bit longer when I bought them. 

I found some great others here and here.


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