Thursday, March 1, 2012

Purple Rain

shirt: J. Crew DIY studs |  sweater: Paul Smith Men | jeans: Levi's | shoes: Gee Wa Wa 
 rain slicker: Lacoste from Beacons Closet | bag: LL Bean | hat: ratty tatty camo cap | lips: MAC Cyber

Grey, gloomy rainy days are the best occasions for a high platform boot and a bold lip. Cyber is definitely my go to shade when I want to feel dark and mysterious behind my fav beat up camouflage cap. I find that dark bold colors provide me a sun kissed glow and makes my teeth whiter and brighter. Another treasured item are these sky high Gee WaWa platform boots. Perfect with a tiny spring dress or dodging puddles around the city. They keep my feet dry and warm while offering some extra height and a rugged appearance. No rainy day look is complete without a light and durable rain slicker; this gem was found at the bottom of a box at Beacon's Closet. It's reversible, water resistant and easily foldable. Ideal for the city and its unpredictable forecast. Stay dry!


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Thomas said...

Your Just fabulous Babygirl...Love You

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